Services And Technical Assistance

The GWind is trained and qualified to working at heights with or without confinement and includes professionals with extensive experience in "Field Service" and "Start-Up" industrial operations. Among the services are enabled:
  • Incoming inspection of blades and Nacelles Field;
  • Superficial and structural inspection, both blades on the ground and also mounted blades;
  • Ultrasonic Inspection;
  • Long range Borescope Inspection;
  • Inspection by remote controlled shooting;
  • Reports and Certificates linked to Composites
  • Supervision mounting Nacelles and Blades Field;
  • Rigging Plans;
  • Installation of Spades at the Hub;
  • Checking of Studs
  • Implementation of operational units with layout and architectural studies. 
  • Logistics and monitoring of works;
  • Installation of machinery and molds;
  • Put in March of Industrial Operations.