Manual Ultrasound Test

The ultrasound test is a nondestructive method, in which a high frequency sound beam is introduced into the material to be inspected in order to detect surface and internal discontinuities. The sound that travels through the material is reflected by the interfaces and is analyzed to determine the presence and location of discontinuities.
The sonic energy reflected from interfaces depends essentially on the physical state of matter that on the opposite side of the interface and to a lesser extent the specific properties of matter. For example, the sonic waves are almost completely reflected at interfaces resin foam.
The ultrasonic beam used in the ultrasound test is generated by a transducer that is usually attached to the workpiece.
The noise energy level is measured in decibels (dB) and for both techniques Transparency and Pulse Eco longitudinal waves are used.


  • Lets you locate and size defects without damaging the inspected material;
  • The award is immediate;
  • Can be performed in various working locations;
  • Directs what type of defect;
  • Ensures the quality and operation of the inspected product.

Application In Wind Blades

  • Inspection at the root;
  • Inspect the leading edges and escape;
  • Inspection for bonding of souls.